Biden’s FBI Just Arrested Trump Ally GOP Rep

Democrat Joe Biden is escalating political leverage against his America First opponents in a wretched manner that has gone deeply personal, as his FBI this week raided the home of former President Donald J. Trump, broke into Trump’s safe, and the FBI have now hunted down a sitting representative of the American people, who was traveling with his family so that they could take essential work and personal property from him.

“These kinds of banana republic tactics should concern every citizen,” US House Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) told the media after the FBI seized his personal cellphone, just days after speaking at CPAC to Conservatives about the agenda and path forward for the Conservative House Freedom Caucus, in a speech that was critical of Republicans, Democrats and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Perry is Chairman of the Freedom House Caucus.

“We represent members of Congress who stand for the millions of Americans who feel like Washington has left them behind that does not speak for them. So that’s who the freedom caucus is that’s what we’re going to talk about this afternoon.

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We constantly hear that when Republicans are in charge, we can’t get that done because the Democrats are in the presidency. But we can be successful.

We’re going to talk about three things. Number one, you got to know which team you’re on, got to know which team you’re on, and I’m going to give you examples of each one of these.

You got to know what the rules are of the game. It’s not really a game. This is real stuff, but you got to know what the rules are of the operation, and you got to know the leverage points are.


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