Biden’s Justice Department Indicts Ricky Vaughn for Posting Memes in 2016

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by Chris Black

This is the clown world on steroids folks. The US Federal Government  has indicted Ricky Vaughn for tweets in the run-up to the 2016 election. 

New York Post:

The man behind pro-Trump Twitter troll account “Ricky Vaughn” was busted in Florida on Wednesday for spreading disinformation during the 2016 presidential election in a scheme to limit black turnout, officials said.

Douglass Mackey, 31, was arrested in West Palm Beach on one charge of conspiracy against rights, for which he faces up to 10 years in prison.

Between September and November 2016, Mackey allegedly conspired with others to use social media messaging to encourage blacks to cast their votes via text message so their ballots wouldn’t count, according to Brooklyn federal prosecutors.

According to the feds, almost five thousand people voted via text message, encouraged by Ricky’s so-called disinformation campaign. Also, he is credited to be more influential than the Drudge Report and NBC News. Again, we are talking about a guy posting memes on Twitter, okay?

As far as I can tell from reading the documents, Ricky Vaughn was indicted for posting one single meme. The word insane doesn’t even start to describe the situation we are in. As in, the Feral Gummint indicted a person for a meme.

I think we are all criminals now. You should see my Twitter/Facebook feed…

How did this happen? Well, 2016 seems to have been an utter PR disaster for the transnational cabal that’s ruling the US. I mean, Trump’s election was seen as a huge failure for the ruling elite, even if he did next to nothing to shake the establishment.

Even if people on the internet claim that Trump was a secret shabbos-goy agent, that doesn’t explain why they tried to destroy his presidency for four years, not to mention the stolen election in 2020. If Trump was a secret agent for the elites, they would have let him alone to do his thing, and wouldn’t have needed to steal the election.

Basically, Trump would’ve been allowed a second term; moreover, the Q-anon thing was demonstrably a psyop, as Trump was removed from the White House.

The truth is that Trump won the 2016 election against all odds and he was completely unprepared to become the 45 president. The elites saw Trump elected as their biggest failure since War World 2.

It must be said that the end goal for the transnational cabal ruling the US is world government, and the modus operandi is to move people in their desired direction step by step, slowly (cue boiling frogs analogy). Trump’s 2016 election was basically a publicity stunt gone wrong, and that’s’ exactly how the legacy media treated it.

 Trump running for POTUS created massive ratings for CNN, NBC et al, and you must learn that Jeff Zucker, the head of CNN, actually called Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen and offered Trump a show after the election. Obviously, Zucker assumed that Trump was going to lose.

When Trump won, he tried to do his best to please voters and stay popular. However, he was quickly, let’s say subverted, as he was incapable of naming MAGA people in key positions in his administration.

Trump’s presidency was an utter failure, except from slowing both immigration and the war machine. As you can see, Biden is already rolling back all Trump policies enacted via EO. However, the problem for the zionists is that Trump had a massive effect on the psyche of the population, as in he made them believe they have a say in politics.

Trump’s platform in 2016 was populist nationalism, but he ended up with media pedaling non-stop a nonsense Russia collusion conspiracy, and a destroyed presidency. 

Basically people learned the hard way that voting doesn’t change anything, which means the government is illegitimate, and the only way to rule is through terror and brutality.

It’s very risky situation for the rulers of a country where half the population regards them as illegitimate. 

The fact that the establishment is desperate and losing grip is proved by the crazy censorship that started right after the 2016 election. And that’s because the ZOG machine is afraid of a “hero” that can create a mass movement against their agenda. 

That’s what Trump did  with MAGA and America First.

You can’t have global government with nationalists in power, right? Remember that after Trump won in 2016, Google, YouTube et al, basically everyone in the system (democracy is rule by mass media/social media) said “we have to make sure this never happens again.” Everything you have witnessed follows that line of thought.

There can be no democratic rule without the consent of the people. Fear of government keeps people in line in tyrannical regimes, which makes them highly unstable.

If people don’t believe anymore that the government is legitimate, the only way for the government to keep peasants in line is through brainwashing and fear, since they can’t arrest 74 million Americans that voted for Trump. 

But they can make targeted arrests, such as Ricky Vaughn, and target people who might organize some type of resistance.Vaughn was doxed in 2017 and since then, he stopped posting on the internet. Which means he is not a “clear and present danger” to the powers that be, as he hasn’t been active online for over 3 years. 

Hence, indicting a Trump supporter for a meme  is intended to instill fear in the rest of the Trump-supporting population.


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