Biden’s Limbo Rock! US Consumer Confidence Remains Depressed 51.1 With Inflation Ravaging Households, Housing Sentiment Even Worse At 45 (Biden Approval At 38.1%)

by confoundedinterest17

How low will consumer sentiment (and Biden’s approval ratings) go? This is Biden’s limbo rock.

One measure of how bad things are in the US for the middle-class and low-wager workers ix consumer sentiment from University of Michigan. The latest University of Michigan survey of consumers remains depressed at 51.1.

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The consumer sentiment index was at 80.7 at the beginning of 2021, but has plunged dramatically with rising gasoline, food and inflation in general. Biden’s popularity has sunk from 55.8 in January 2021 to 38.1 today.

How about housing sentiment? Housing sentiment was 134.0 in January 2021 but has plunged to a depressing 45 with inflation and rising home prices (and rent). And with declining sentiment about housing, Biden’s popularity has plunged.

Yes, this is Biden’s limbo rock. How low will his popularity go?



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