BIG Changes And Reasons To Celebrate In AMERICA Today!

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by Pamela Williams

Americans have waited for this day a very long time. All the hard work has paid off, and so many prayers have been answered. Before, we talk about the celebration and Inauguration of the 45th President of the United States: Donald Trump, I want to inform Americans, who have prayed for Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton to be brought to Justice, your prayers have been answered. On this monumental day in history, Americans are waking up to the fact that the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative have finally taken its last breath.
While everyone’s been gearing up for President Trump’s inauguration, the Clinton Foundation made a major announcement this week that went by with almost no notice: For all intents and purposes, it is closing its doors. We know, too the Global Initiative is basically doing the same. For those of you who have followed the two but basically one entity, you know just what this involves. It will break of an evil that has plagued the globe for a very long time. Like flies are attracted to rotting meat, those who were attracted to the evil acts of the Clinton’s will hover over the fake charity and mourn. However, we know the Clinton Foundation was little more than an influence-peddling scheme to enrich the Clintons, and had little if anything to do with “charity,” either overseas or in the U.S. The supporters of the pay to play scheme are closing their checkbooks, and that is the end of the Clinton Empire.
What happens from here for the Clintons? They will be very busy with investigations that are presently in progress. The House Oversight Committee, led by Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz from Utah, is gearing up for major open heart surgery of the Foundation, and he is fired up and ready to operate…with gloves off. The FBI and the NYPD are also in the midst of major investigations with mounting evidence of wire taps of money laundering and evidence of dealings with Islamic organizations.

The Clinton Foundation took in $100 million from a collection of Gulf sheikhs and billionaires, along with millions from private businesses, who expected — and received — special access to the State Department’s top official, Hillary. Using the Freedom of Information Act, Judicial Watch in August obtained emails (that had been hidden from investigators) showing that Clinton’s top State Department aide, Huma Abedin, had given “special expedited access to the secretary of state” for those who gave $25,000 to $10 million to the Clinton Foundation. Many of those were facilitated by a former executive of the foundation, Doug Band, who headed Teneo, a shell company that managed the Clintons’ affairs.  As part of this elaborate arrangement, Abedin was given special permission to work for the State Department, the Clinton Foundation and Teneo — another very clear conflict of interest.  As Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said at the time, “These new emails confirm that Hillary Clinton abused her office by selling favors to Clinton Foundation donors.”  The seedy saga doesn’t end there. Indeed, there are so many facets to it, some may never be known, as there are tentacles that reach all over the globe.
Thus, as one dynasty dies, another one is born, but that is the only facet the two have in common:  they are on opposite ends of the spectrum.  Today is Inauguration Day for the Trump Dynasty.  The Trump Family are remarkable in their respect, loyalty, and love of one another and of our Country.  They are successful in business and are organized to serve this Country and the American people.  They have a lot at stake here, and the remarkable aspect of that is  they are willing to lay it all on the line to serve this Country.  They are sacrificing their lives to lead this forgotten Country out of the shadows into the Light of a new day.


The changes ahead will be swift and major.  President-elect Trump and his Team are prepared and have it all laid on the table.  They are ahead of the game, and Trump has already started to make America great again.  How?  Lets talk about that.
1.  JOBS:  Less than a month after Trump’s election win, Carrier tweeted that they reached a deal with the President-elect to keep close to 1,000 jobs in Indiana. Trump also motivated Ford to scrap their plans for a $1.6 billion plant planned for Mexico and instead will invest $700 million in a Michigan assembly plant creating 700 new jobs. “This is a vote of confidence for President-elect Trump and some of the policies he may be pursuing,” Ford CEO Mark Fields said. After a private meeting with Trump on Dec. 6, SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son, who controls OneWeb and Sprint Corp., said he will invest $50 billion in the U.S. and create 50,000 new jobs. Trump has repeatedly touted: “My administration will follow two simple rules: buy American and hire American!” He doesn’t have the keys to the White House yet but he’s already putting his money where his mouth is.
2.  Economy: Trump’s win has brought the stock market up to new records and increased consumer confidence. In December, consumer confidence climbed to the highest level since August 2001, according to Bloomberg.  Additionally, holiday spending was over a trillion dollars in 2016, an 8% increase from 2015.
3.  Ethics: On the campaign trail Trump promised he’d “drain the swamp”. He’s already halting government corruption and waste simply by tweeting.  On Dec. 6, Trump tweeted that Boeing’s $4 billion price tag for the new fleet of Air Force One planes were “out of control”. However, after the company’s CEO Dennis Muilenburg met with Trump on Dec. 21, he told the press that Boeing would build a new Air Force One fleet for less than $4 billion. “We’re going to get it done for less than that, and we’re committed to working together to make sure that happens,” Muilenburg said. Last week House Republicans voted to eliminate an independent ethics body. However, after Trump fired off critical tweets about the move and their priorities, the Republicans pulled the plan.  Trump has also stood up for what he has believed to be right even if unpopular with the powers that be.
4.  Women:  Some of Trump’s top campaign officials who he has credited with his monumental win are Kellyanne Conway and Katrina Pierson.  Kellyanne has taken on so many on mainstream news media, and Katrina has done the same.  Without these determined women, I do not believe Trump could have won.
5.  Military:  Trump has brought back morale to the military, and he has made many Generals a vital part of his Cabinet that Obama had dismissed.
6.  Israel:  While Obama destroyed our relationship with Israel, Trump has repaired that, and has promised to stand with Israel.
Now lets switch gears and talk about the dangers Americans will be facing today as the Inauguration takes place. We all are aware of the planned protests, and I think it would be good to list those we are aware of.
1. Hundreds rallied outside the National Press Club, where the dinner billed as DeploraBall, was being held, NBC Washington reported. Some demonstrators set off smoke devices in the middle of the crowd, and police in riot gear blocked entrance to the dinner.
— Shomari Stone (@shomaristone) January 20, 2017
2. Police said they arrested a 34-year-old D.C. man near the event and charged him with conspiracy to commit an assault and were looking for two others, NBC Washington reported.
— Phil McCausland (@PhilMcCausland) January 20, 2017
3. The demonstration in D.C. was one of several held elsewhere in opposition to Trump Thursday, including a “unity” demonstration outside Trump International Hotel in New York, which was attended by actors Robert De Niro, Sally Field and Mark Ruffalo.
4. Disrupt J20, a group organizing a series of protests with the direct aim of disrupting the inauguration.
“We must take to the streets and protest, blockade, disrupt, intervene, sit in, walk out, rise up, and make more noise and good trouble than the establishment can bear,” reads the group’s manifesto.
5. the biggest protest, set for Saturday, could be history-making. That’s when the Women’s March on Washington is expected to draw 200,000 protesters to the streets of D.C., a number that Inaugural Historian Jim Bendat said could break records.
“It’s quite noteworthy. If they get those kinds of numbers, it will far exceed any previous inaugural protest,” he said.
We have others, of course, but we also have help to counteract the dangers. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has said more than 3,000 police officers from other regions and 5,000 National Guardsmen will be on-hand to help secure the parade route. We also have bikers for Trump led by Chris Cox, who plan to form a wall of meat should to shoulder, if need be to protect the President-elect and soon-to-be President Trump, His First Family, and His Staff.
Of course, Trump will also be protected by his Beast, the Cadillac One especially created for him. He will be protected by bullet-proof windows, doors he cannot open from inside, a tear gas cannon, and a gun. It is a powerhouse of protection.
A good ending to this report is taken from – “A Twitter account for the DeploraBall event mocked protesters, posting a video of crowds chanting “F— Trump!” with their own message: “Shouting won’t change tomorrow’s outcome … can’t wait to say president @realDonaldTrump.”
I want to list some video links of those I trust to cover the inauguration event and all the actions surrounding it live:

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In conclusion, Congratulations to all Americans, President Trump, Vice-President Pence, Families, Staff, and thank you to all Police, National Guard, Secret Service, and Bikers for Trump!


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  1. Only thing I am happy about is its not that total evil cunt Killary. Not really a Trump fan here but also not a fan of America in general. Warmongering trash for the most part. People who think they are ”exceptional” without any proof whatsoever.

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