Biggest crash in history this June according to Harry Dent?

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by newsnp

Been hearing this “Biggest crash of 80% or 90% in early June” for a while now, mainly from Harry Dent who predicted the dot-com crash.

The strategist correctly called Japan’s 1989 bubble bust and recession, the dot-com crash and the populist swell that made Donald Trump president.

What could be “the biggest crash ever,” he argues, will hit by the end of June, if not sooner. It will be “the initiation of the next big economic downturn,” Dent predicts.

“Fake earnings, fake GDP, fake interest rates and super-high valuations” make for an increasingly untenable situation, he warns. The expanding market bubble has been building since 2008. But the Federal Reserve keeps averting the next huge crisis by continuously “printing money,” declares the Harvard Business School MBA.

His HSD Publishing, an independent research firm, generates monthly newsletters that he and Rodney Johnson, HSD president, each write.

In the interview, Dent delivers his prescription for investing amid the weakened economy and impending disaster, as he sees it: Zero in on long-term Treasurys.

“What’s better than sleeping with 30-year Treasury bonds,” he exults. They’ll “magnify your money.” He then describes a portfolio allocation for the investor that’s “willing to take more risk.” As for the notion of high inflation, “no way in hell,” he says.

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Not sure what to feel about this, especially when there are lot of big players saying the same.

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