Biggest Emerging Market Outflow In History! Big Investors SELLING U.S. Stocks!

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I went into depth about this issue here in this episode. I was able to quantify what we are facing and I believe it’s important to get this knowledge download. Sadly the majority of the public has a sense of unwilling to believe that central banks will not only allow a crisis to unfold, but let’s not even talk about how it’s intentional. One step at a time! Central banks are going into the negative and this is clearly going to make things worse. There’s no doubt. What do you think?

Big time investors are selling stocks. There have been swings up and down over the past year but in general, investors have been net sellers of equities for 1 year. This is a very bad sign for what’s to come. Certainly we don’t know what will happen with central banks but the way it looks, they are pushing very hard for significantly easier monetary policies which will be sure to exacerbate the current massive debt load the world is already under. Look out below!


Investors Flee Emerging Markets Funds during the Third Quarter | Lipper Alpha Insight | Refinitiv

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global equity outflows barc.jpg (600×536)

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