BIGGEST MANDELA EFFECT OF ALL: Proof that our solar system has changed position in the Milky Way Galaxy!!

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I’m literally shaking as I write this. I have been studying the Mandela Effect changes for some time, and I am familiar with many of the changes, but I just now came across a video that I thought was a joke, but after researching it, I discovered it’s REAL.
For those of you who recognize the Mandela changes:
Do you remember where our solar system is located in the Milky Way galaxy?
It was always

on the outer edge of our galaxy on the Arm of Sagittarius.
Now, go ahead and Google “where is earth in the Milky Way galaxy”.
In this new timeline some of us have shifted into, we are now on the opposite side of the galactic core of the Milky Way on the ORION SPUR !!!!!
I have to keep retyping this post because my hands are shaking, this has me so freaked out.
Even more astonishing is a Youtube video I just found that confirms this. The first few minutes are sort of corny, but please watch the entire 11 minutes of the video. He found proof that we WERE once on the earth located on the outer arm of Sagittarius! At the 7:40 mark, he gives a mind-blowing explanation WHY some of us have “shifted” into this copycat earth located in the middle of galaxy on the Orion Spur.
PLEASE, can someone PIN this thread? This is THE BIGGEST Mandela Effect change of all !!
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