Biggest treasonous scandal in U.S. history against a sitting President and “we the people” was exposed yesterday

Kash Patel (@Kash)
Durham Report Verdicts: Donald J. Trump- Innocent

FBI- Guilty
DOJ- Guilty
IC- Guilty
Comey- Guilty
McCabe- Guilty
Strzok- Guilty
Lisa Page- Guilty
FISA Judges- Guilty
Rosenstein- Guilty
Chris Wray- Guilty
Gina Haspel- Guilty
Sally Yates- Guilty
Lisa Monaco- Guilty
John Carlin- Guilty
Michael Sussman- Guilty
Christopher Steele- Guilty
Stephan Halper- Guilty
Fusion GPS- Guilty
Mark Elias- Guilty
Clinton- Guilty
Bruce Ohr- Guilty
Nellie Ohr- Guilty

The American People- Robbed of Justice

BIDEN’S GESTAPO: ‘Sobering’: Durham Report Finds FBI Had Insufficient Basis to Open Trump-Russia Probe: Special Counsel John Durham concludes FBI applied different standards to Trump and Clinton campaigns.

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We all knew that, of course, but now it’s official.

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The FBI needs to be disbanded.
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