Bill de Blasio praises Jerry Seinfeld’s Op-Ed: New Yorkers Will Bring City Back to Life

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Bill de Blasio praises Jerry Seinfeld for his op-ed saying ‘tough New Yorkers’ will bring the city back to life as he slams comedy club co-owner who wrote a post saying the city was dead

Mayor Bill de Blasio said a true New Yorker ‘stands and fights’ to make the city better despite the ongoing pandemic and escalating crime and homelessness

It came a day after Jerry Seinfeld’s op-ed was published saying that ‘tough New Yorkers’ would bring the city back to life

Seinfeld’s stance was a jab at comedy club owner and hedge-fund entrepreneur James Altucher who wrote a blog post saying NYC was dead

Altucher hit out at Seinfeld on Monday with a rebuttal op-ed arguing that denial of the problems plaguing NYC wouldn’t help or save the city

He criticized Seinfeld on Monday, saying that he wrote his op-ed from the ‘comfort and safety of his Hamptons mansion’

Seinfeld lives in an apartment overlooking Central Park on the Upper West Side and also has a sprawling waterfront mansion in the Hamptons

Despite acknowledging that he does in fact have a place to retreat to outside the city, Seinfeld vowed to ‘never abandon New York City’




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