Bill Holter – Truth Revealed Will Mean Crashed System, Ending Will Be Financial Collapse Where Credit Stops

The price of gold and silver has been going up recently. Financial writer Bill Holter, a precious metals broker, says price is irrelevant to the average investor. It is possession that is most important now. Holter explains, “I think the streets are going to be completely cleaned of gold and silver, and they are going to go ‘no offer.’ There will be bid, bid, bid and higher, higher, higher, and there won’t be any for sale. Gold and silver will go into hiding until new currencies come out that can be trusted. I think that’s where we’re headed. You should buy it now because it’s available. At some point in time, it’s not going to be available, and you are either going to have it or you won’t. The price won’t matter. You will count your wealth in ounces.”
In closing, Holter contends, “The timing on this is who knows? September or October or next year, I don’t know. I do know what the ending is. The ending is a financial collapse where credit stops and people figure out the asset they hold is someone else’s liability. . . . Why not have an asset with no liability, which is gold and silver.”
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3 thoughts on “Bill Holter – Truth Revealed Will Mean Crashed System, Ending Will Be Financial Collapse Where Credit Stops”

  1. I have been hearing that for over 10 years. BUY GOLD AND SILVER!…..but you know what, if it gets that bad, they are simply going to make it “illegal” to posses gold or silver, punishable by life in prison…..with rewards handed out to people who snitch on you. Anything of any value will be confiscated, EVEN FOOD AND SEEDS. The problem is with Americans is they do not know exactly WHO they are up against. They are a well oiled killing machine, and unless you guys figure it out, you are toast, and we are all toast. I will give you a clue. They TELL YOU RIGHT TO YOUR FACE WHO THEY ARE AND THAT IT IS THEM CAUSING ALL THE WORLDS PROBLEMS…….but are you smart enough to figure that out on your own? Or are you like Michael Snyder, someone who is locked into them and supports them no matter what? They laugh at Americans stupidity. All this “Let’s go after the white man” has been stirred up by them because the white man is THEIR ONLY THREAT, and we always have been because we are the only ones who have figured them out. So, go buy your gold and silver and guns and ammo, and hoard seeds and wait for them to come knocking on your door. Or learn about them, and lets prevent it from getting to that point. Round them up!


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