Bill & Melinda Gates on Top 3 Myths Poverty Leave Out #1 Problem – Water Conspiracy!

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by Thinker

In 2016 Bill and Melinda Gates gave an interview to talk about the myths of poverty and left out the conspiracy of no water in Africa.

How long has the world been feeding Africa and Americans hearing story after story of the plight of the African? Why hasn’t the hunger problem in Africa been resolved? Two reasons:

1. For centuries non profits like the Gates Foundation have made millions from poor, hungry Africans. It is clear to see who wouldn’t want to fix the problem.

2. No water. No gardens. No food! The results are sick people!

[b]Why haven’t the Gates, Red Cross, UNICEF, wealthy African governments, or “ANYBODY” started the campaign to put a water well in every African village????[/b]

Africans wouldn’t need anyone and would be strong enough to think and defend their nations! Who doesn’t want Africans to think or be smart??? The Gates Foundation???? Why do Africans who can’t feed themselves have to pay for education???

Conspiracy to keep them stupid?

Why does every African nation have millions in resources leaving their borders and the majority of people are poor????? Africans are waking up to the truth and many express their feeling, but mainstream media keeps it from reaching the masses.

Flashback 2016 – Ethiopian Immigrants Protest Gates Foundation Funding Of Projects In Ethiopia

Ethiopian immigrants marched through downtown Seattle Tuesday afternoon to protest the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funding of projects in Ethiopia. Protesters say humanitarian aid going to Ethiopia is being used to support a brutal regime. Holding bright green, yellow and red flags, around 200 marchers chanted, ‘America, America, America, listen to the cry of the people,’ and ‘The media doesn’t tell the truth.’ The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is funding 150 development projects, mainly in health and agriculture, to the tune of $50 million U.S. dollars in Ethiopia. In July, Bill Gates met with Ethiopian leaders to talk about continuing working together.

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But protester Ashe Nafi Gossaye, chairman of the Ethiopian Public Forum in Seattle, said the humanitarian aid is being abused. “It is being used for killing people, to buy weapons and for security purposes and to silence the people of Ethiopia,” he said. In recent months, Ethiopia has been wracked by protests and violence. According to NPR, hundreds of people have been killed and tens of thousands arrested. Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn declared a six-month state of emergency. The people marching in Seattle say, in the past, Ethiopia:…s-ethiopia


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• In 2000, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
made its first grants to support partners’
efforts to improve health and development
in Ethiopia.

• Over the past decade, the foundation has made
more than 125 grants to organizations
working in Ethiopia or conducting research
and development that is intended to benefit
the country and its citizens.

• The foundation currently has more than
$265 million (U.S.) invested in grants to benefit

• In 2012, the foundation appointed a
representative in Addis Ababa to support
closer partnerships with key stakeholders
in government, nongovernmental agencies
(NGOs), and the private sector.

No money going for the real need of the African for survival, but plenty of money for testing and research??? Africans the human lab rats for the bottom feeder and greed? How long has the non profit your donating to been feeding, housing, providing health to Africans? A planned system to milk the people to death, without an end in sight for successful results?

Below is the list of where the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have put their money in Ethiopia. From the looks, water, gardens, education on preventative pregnancies is not any part of what they want the people to learn. Independence not wanted???…0Sheet.pdf


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