Billionaire Barry Sherman, one of the most powerful capitalist in Canada and a close friend of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been executed along with his wife by multiple killers in Toronto

Apotex founder Barry Sherman and his wife Honey pictured in 2010
Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered by multiple killers, private investigators believe: source
WARNING: This story contains graphic descriptions that may be disturbing to readers
Hired investigators reportedly find markings on Barry and Honey Sherman’s wrists indicating their hands had been tied up.

A leading tycoon who made billions in the pharmaceutical business was murdered along with his wife, private investigators hired by the couple’s children have claimed.

Barry Sherman, 75, who was the chairman of Canada’s largest drugs manufacturer Apotex, was found dead with his wife Honey, 70, at their home in Toronto on 15 December.
The city’s homicide unit had said that both Mr and Mrs Sherman were strangled to death but did not classify the deaths as homicides.
Officers ruled out murder after the husband and wife were found hanging in their home. According to Canadian media, they believed Mr Sherman killed his wife and hung her before hanging himself.
Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered, sources say
Here’s the new information: There are markings on the Shermans’ wrists, an indication that at some point their hands were tied together, though no rope or other ties were found near the bodies.
Toxicology tests on their bodies reveal no sign of drugs that would have contributed to their deaths. Men’s leather belts found around their necks were the cause of the “ligature compression” that killed them.
A top forensic pathologist who did a second autopsy determined this was a double homicide, barring any new information that surfaces.
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