Bisbee, Arizona After LOCKDOWN! – EXTREMELY Restrictive Government On A Power Trip!

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the ground in Bisbee, Arizona to check on the effects the lockdown had on the town.

After spending time in Tombstone, Arizona, we thought the surrounding area was of the freedom mindset. Independent individuals who aren’t so easily pushed to their knees. It was unfortunate to see that wasn’t exactly the case in Bisbee. Once arriving in the beautiful town which was certainly filled with a lot of very friendly people, we found the government restrictions were above and beyond.

The Mayor of Bisbee, Arizona, David Smith enforced strict measures involving masks and more at businesses as well as walking down the street itself.

The restrictions were so noticeable it felt as though we were in an episode of Twilight Zone. It was completely unscientific and without a doubt has had a major strain on the small businesses in the area. In extreme heat, almost every person was walking down the street with a mask on. Including people riding motor bikes without helmuts whilst wearing masks. It was incredibly strange.

The polar difference between Bisbee and Tombstone was abundantly clear and truly unfortunate.

We appreciated the hospitality in the town and the obvious beauty of the town which famous comedian Doug Stanhope lives, but the crack down was far too tyrannical, so we left.

Stay tuned as we continue to trek to different places to understand how this historic lockdown has affected communities.



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