Bitcoin millionaire who retired at 35 complains being rich ‘boring’…

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A man who invested his life savings into Bitcoin and quickly became a millionaire before leaving his job has claimed being rich is boring.

The investor says he feels like he’s used a “cheat code” and doesn’t deserve the fortune after a “lucky bet” on the cryptocurrency gave him stacks of cash.

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Working as a content creator for almost a decade – a career that offered plush hotels, luxurious dinners and the ability to travel around the world – the man saw his salary rise from around £25,000 to ten times that amount.

He says he “never acquired a taste for expensive things” and instead saved a chunk of his salary each year.

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In 2014, he discovered Bitcoin and says he “fell down a deep rabbit hole” and put almost everything he had saved into it – a dangerous and incredibly risky move.


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