Bizarre True Story UK Military Tested LSD on Royal Marines Same as US Soldiers

by Thinker

In the kind of clipped BBC English that more frivolous generations associate with comic Harry Enfield’s Mr Cholmondley Warner, the narrator explained how the LSD was given to the Royal Marine Commandos “in a cup of wartah.”

“Twenty-five minutes latah, the first effects of the drug became apparent. The men became relaxed and began to giggle.”

They certainly did. The black and white footage from 1964 shows the hitherto ferociously well-drilled servicemen lying flat on their backs, helpless with laughter, or staggering against trees, intoxicated by the hilarity of it all, and by the acid. “One ahr and ten minutes after taking the drug,” intones the narrator, “With one man climbing a tree to feed the birds, the troop commander gave up, admitting he could no longer control himself or his men.

“He himself then relapsed into laughter.”

Perhaps bizarrely, the whole thing was considered something of a triumph. Ultimately, though, this field exercise conducted by the government’s secretive Porton Down chemical weapons research establishment was the first in a series that would end in failure. Half a century ago this year, the military’s experimentation with acid ended with the chairman of the Chemical Defence Advisory Board declaring that the idea of using LSD as a weapon of war was “more magical than scientific”.

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