‘Black Lives Matter’ Organizer ‘Triggered’ by White People, Demands Money For Being a ‘Fat, Black Bitch’

In an article for ‘Wear Your Voice’, an “intersectional feminist media” outlet, Shackelford says that she finds the presence of white people at Black Lives Matter rallies “triggering,” and that black people are “frightened” by whites, adding that their roles should be confined to acting as human “buffers against the police”.
“Why are you going to a protest when you’re the oppressor?” asks Shackelford, adding, “WHITE PEOPLE ARE KILLING US. So when I see white people show up to rally excited and smiling, ready to march like it’s a hobby — I’m disgusted and absolutely fucking livid….I’m ready to fight.”
Decrying the fact that white people are promoting a message of love and unity in the spirit of Martin Luther King, Shackelford complains that, “White people are 400 years too fucking late for a round of applause for a damn tweet with a hashtag, or for showing up to a damn rally.”
She then pushes the demented dogma that white people living today owe blacks “reparations” for slavery (only 1.4 percent of white Americans owned black slaves at the height of slavery).
“Nothing you have is yours. Let me be clear: Nothing you have is yours. Also, Let me be see through: Reparations are not donations, because we are not your charity, tax write off, or good deed for the day. You are living off of stolen resources, stolen land, exploited labor, appropriated culture and the murder of our people. Nothing you have is yours,” writes Shackelford.
Instead of promoting a message of unity and understanding, BLM is appealing to extremist, fringe elements of the far-left and has been completely taken over by social justice warriors like Shackleford, whose absurd and irrational drivel will thankfully ensure the entire movement’s eventual disappearance into obscurity.
Beware the Soros zombies
They’re headed to the Republican convention with a mission to disrupt and distract
. . . the Soros zombies are coming and they’re well funded and organized.
Melting Pot Has Been Destroyed by Diversity
Diversity celebrates not common goals, common values, common aspirations and certainly not who you are. Diversity enshrines what you are, embeds you in what “community” you belong to.
The FBI issued a “credible threat” warning to law enforcement agencies throughout South Florida on Friday.
The threat, according to sources, was directed at police. As a precaution, police departments across South Florida doubled up patrols, pulled motorcycle cops from the street and had officers wear protective vests.
Oh this will help flame the hate among the leftist idiots
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47 thoughts on “‘Black Lives Matter’ Organizer ‘Triggered’ by White People, Demands Money For Being a ‘Fat, Black Bitch’”

  1. So this ‘Shakelford’ is quite a few brain cells shy of mental retardation, and ALMOST makes Shillery look intelligent.
    Maybe the SFB needs to get a clue about how many BLACK owners of slaves existed 150+ years ago. Also, it was mainly ‘Hebrews’ who imported them to Amerikkka. Then there’s the fact that many of those slave classes were NOT all negros, and most of the slave classes were sold out by their own race. (no pun intended) America was stolen from the indigenous peoples, by the French, British, and the Spanish. What was stolen was taken from the local inhabitants, including the culture.

    • I understand where you are coming from, but let’s get some things straight for all.
      Yes, few whites in the South could even afford a plantation full of slaves. But what you don’t acknowledge is the fact that the entire US was racist, and while SOME felt slavery wrong, they still felt that blacks were less than human and did not want them treated equally.
      Second. to add injury to insult, after the Civil War, POTUS Johnson left the South and left blacks in the hands of the whites who had just lost the war and had previously enslaved and considered them less than human. They were highly resentful of efforts to educating former slaves during reconstruction and it ended and began Jim Crow and segregation laws for 100 yrs.
      So, don’t just walk off saying that only a few owned slaves and think you are telling the whole story and putting innocence on whites, and why are blacks complaining.
      As far as the slave trade. Yes, blacks and ARABS/Muslims, stole and sold blacks and brought them to the West Coast of Africa to slave trading whites, because at that time the area was considered “darkest Africa”, and whites were too afraid to enter! Peace out! Tell it like it is! Own it, ya did it!

      • Ya know…all that happened over a CENTURY ago. When will your “people” stop whining about something NONE OF YA’LL ever experienced? There was racism ALL OVER THE WORLD in that century!! The British used to think ALL brown people they conquered to be “less than” themselves….oh yes, sure, they were white….but during THAT CENTURY…the British pretty much owned a majority of the world and the British Isles just happened to full of white folks, (it certainly wasn’t a conspiracy to “bring down the brown man”…I’d venture to say during THAT time in history, most average Brits living in Britain never SAW a person of color) and after the Civil war, if you lost EVERYTHING when the yankees won, and you were told, (and we’re talking the average poor southerner) that you were being punished for “slavery”, you can sure bet there was bad feelings. But how the hell do WE know what the “average” Southerner thought? This is 2016, NOT 1865!…….MY point is that this BLM and their whining about something that happened OVER a century ago is BS. As I have stated elsewhere….talk to me when there is an IVORY Magazine (like there is an EBONY magazine), when affirmative action is stopped and people are hired for their qualifications, NOT their race or sex….when there is a WHITE television network…..WHITE college funds…..and other groups that glorify WHITES like there are groups that glorify blacks (AND Hispanics…..) WHITES are not the problem…….POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is and this culture of “you owe me”….thank GOD early settlers in this country didn’t think the way this country thinks now, or they would never have created this great country because they would have been too WEAK….THANKS BE TO GOD, Americans still had balls to fight WW2…….this is all my opinion….and I am sure I will get the racist label….so F-ing what…..MY parents actually raised me to be strong and work things out for my own….and words are just words,,,labels just a labels….America has become full of a bunch of cry babies………

        • Idiot! The Civil War ended in 1865, there wasn’t a civil right bill until 1965, 100 yrs LATER!!!! There was resistance then as now and you are reflective of it! You know why there is an Ebony Magazine? Because white magazines didn’t include blacks….oh forget it. You’re not worth the details. Your days are just about over and you’ll probably get a good chance to see what it’s like to live as a minority among people like me. Boo haha! And, you’ll have no where to run, it’s happening all over the world!!!.

          • Beware when we stop running. We don’t hold our guns sideways. Those of us in Whitelandia have been stockpiling weapons and ammo for years. You can’t buy bullets with an EBT card…….

          • Sorry, wrong black, I have never been on welfare, food stamps, etc., and neither has my family. I am also a “prepper” and my family is locked and loaded…all legally purchased.
            You’ve proved once again that you think that you are superior to all and that the rest of us are just sitting around waiting for you to support us! What are you going to do about the MAJORITY of whites you are receiving welfare? Your days are numbered and you are fast becoming extinct! Best to try to get along and learn about who you are dealing with rather than assigning stereotypes like an ignorant redneck!

          • Per capita, MORE moolies are on welfare. And YES, we are superior to you 70IQ animals. Name one great black thinker, or builder, or philosopher. YOU CAN’T. WE build the civilizations. WE make the innovations. WE put men on the moon. If you are part of the talented tenth of your race, well good for you. The other 90% will make meat out of you. The great experiment was a dismal failure. Antiquated farm equipment has no place in our 1st world society. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/83143945efa4d2ff48fdee388b766f0db48ad13501062226e6d36d04f78a0912.jpg

          • Yeah, he probably isn’t intelligent enough to follow the Max Planck institute’s human genome research that throws the “out of Africa” theory to the apes.

          • I get up and go to work every day and earn it just like I hope you do! Since there are more whites on welfare than any group, I guess they are stealing from me! Poor you! Please note that in my responses that I have provided facts and figures while the responses have just been knee jerk racist. I don’t have a problem with whites, some of my best friends…. But your day is not only coming, it’s here on the negative side and you have GOT to start looking at things beyond being white and knowing it all and feeling that you are the cause of it all ignoring the fact that you have done it on the backs of others!

          • I know, that’s the reason you will cease to exist! You are already outnumbered all over the world! A white person should sit in a group of minorities, MIXED group from Asians, blacks, hispanics, all together, you name it, we all have one unifying conversation, SERIOUSLY, the white man! You have no idea what’s going on, and miss never never, good luck with dat!

  2. funny how they conveniently forget all the white people that died FREEING THEM! Those white people that died freeing them ARE THE REPARATIONS!
    Now stfu!

    • Oops! Did you forget the black troops that fought in the Union Army FOR LESS WAGES THAN WHITES? Blacks were 10% of the Union Army!!YES, and they lost lives as well! Approximately 170,000 free blacks rushed to join the Union Army. Whites didn’t take an interest until they had a dire need for soldiers.
      It wasn’t like blacks were sitting around wringing their hands waiting for masta to help them out, there were slave insurrections documented since America started this shameful business. Nat Turner is one who stands out! Blacks were ready, willing and able to join the forces. Whites were refusing them, and when they were “allowed” to join, they were paid lesser wages even though it was the Union Army. As I have said ALL of America was racist!!!
      Oh, and the Civil War wasn’t about “freeing” the slaves, it was an economic war, slaves just happened to be tacked on. Now you STFU…but read FIRST!!!

      • and without the union white soldiers who fought, where precisely would those 170k free blacks have been?? not freeing slaves!
        How many union whites died in the civil war? bit more than 170k ?? approximately 356k.
        Again, you are yet another person who conveniently willfully ignores facts that don’t support your agenda!
        Reparations have already been paid IN BLOOD, now push off!

        • NO! I push back! Your statement makes no sense! You forget that blacks were less than 13% of the US population, with the majority living in the South. Shows you how racist America is/was because on the small percentage of free blacks in the North…but look at the representation! Stellar! All the while the white/especially Irish were resisting even fighting the war!
          No more wasted history lesson on you! Are obviously just another ignorant redneck…it shows, it really does!

          • Nope! I am black, part native and have been in America 7 generations. Shame you can’t respond to me as civilly as I’ve done to you. Oh, yeah, I forgot, I’m the ignorant one. I can write more than 2 sentences and you cant! HAH! Your days are truly numbered, you should be trying to make some friends/allies on the other side.

          • Sorry but you’re not entitled to your own set of facts. You can PRETEND that my statement makes no sense, because FACTUAL HISTORY doesn’t support your willful ignorance!

          • Well, YOU give me some facts/numbers/percentages instead of thinking that since you are white I’m suppose to accept what you say! Hold yourself by the same yardstick~

          • Fact 1) I’m not white!.
            2) i included facts and numbers, readily verifiable but since they don’t support your AGENDA. You instantly discount them!
            3) .you’re not nearly as bright as you imagine yourself to be!

      • I guess I had better contact the governments of Norway, Denmark and Sweden and ask them for reparations for all that “unpaid work” my ancestors (the early Brits, Irish, Welsh, Celts, etc, etc) did for those horrible Vikings! To pay ME back for all the raping of my female ancestors…the killing of my male relatives many centuries back…….
        I have new for you: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS WHITE PRIVILEGE! It is a made up term to make black people feel better about being racists.

        • Perhaps you should if you and your ancestors are still suffering the consequences from it!
          Seriously, groups you listed now has their own countries and have since gone to conquer and suppress minorities all over the world. How dare you use ANCIENT(early lol) history to justify modern day! You’re silly! We’re speaking NOW!
          I’m alive! I grew up in segregation, which was the first step from slavery! I don’t want anyone to pay me, I just want you to get out of my way and treat me fairly, and that ain’t consistently so! Quite frankly, it never has been the case for blacks as long as they have been in America! Yes, things are improving sometimes, but there are still inequities that impact us greatly. I remember my mother, a teacher with a Masters Degree sought employment in Callie while they were telling the public they wanted to hire black teachers, “…but were looking for qualified blacks” all the while there were droves of them. They eventually got jobs, but look at the krap they had to put up with before they even walked through the door! Is that what’s happening to you NOW, “early” (good grief) Brit, Irish, etc.?
          Your response is so reflective of the white privilege feign ignorance and lack of acceptance of current reality.
          Warning: You’d better start cooling your heels, the days of being white, in charge and automatically “superior” are just about gone! I work in schools, within approximately 2 years a majority white school I worked at went down to about 3 in my classroom. It’s too late to stop the tide, so get ready. It’s already here! You are going to amount to as much as a gnat on the butt of a flea…with nowhere to go! Europe, of which you are a home girl, has already gone! Tee hee!

          • And with Common Core, your minority (new majority) students will be no smarter than the newly freed “slaves” of 1865. Worse, they’ll have been taught to become worse than the “rascist” whites they’ve replaced. Once an area (or city) becomes “majority black” in this country (like Memphis, Tn.) you find elected black politicians that would make the runners of Chicago or New York (Tammany Hall, for example) look tame, and citizens that would put Jim Crow to shame.
            Saying that its “due to them” because of long dead men of the past is EXACTLY the type of arguments that put Hitler into power.
            Here’s a thought for you;
            72,000 years ago, the Tsuba Event reduced humanity to between 5,000 to 25,000 people in Central Africa. Any homo sapien that had ANY inquisitiveness beyond food and sex LEFT AFRICA to find other climes. As to the ones left behind, after 72,000 years, please point out the black equivalents of ancient Rome, Greece or Persia in Central Africa. You can’t because mud huts don’t last like stone; stone takes EFFORT. Further, the ONLY reason most American blacks (of former slave ancestors) are alive today is because the other black tribes in the past discovered that their enemies had a value beyond that of fertilizer.
            Final note: if I had a button to push that would turn every person on the planet the same color before me right now, I’d hit it. Now, before assumption does its bit on you, I’ll add that every person on the planet would now be Vulcan green. Further, I’ll bet that, thousands of years afterwards, due to genetic drift, light green people and dark green people will be hating on one another. Just saying……….

          • Common Core is dumbing down little white kids as well!
            You never heard of the ruins in Rhodesia, pyramids in Egypt and Sudan. They are much older than the ancient Rome stones that are deteriorating from smog. You can admit that you are a common core baby as well….It shows. Why are limiting to Central Africa? Why according to white man’s standards that you demean a mud hut, what about Timbuktu…it’s still standing? Buildings aside, Africa had sophisticated cultures! It was not “darkest” Africa as the European colonist described it. Continue to be happy, ignorance is bliss!

          • Wasn’t aware that Egypt and the Sudan were in Central Africa, or that early hieroglyphs depicted the Egyptians as Negroid. The ruins in Rhodesia do NOT come close to Greek, Roman or even most South American ruins. At least the photos I could find of the Great Zimbabwe Ruins showed NO multi-ton dressed stone in its construction. Or can you not see the difference between Greek, Roman and Persian ruins and those commonly referred to as “neolithic”?
            The point you’re missing is that, since all of Modern Humanity are derived from the survivors of the Tsuba Event 72,000 years ago and said survivors were all in Central Africa at that time, there should be ruins ALL OVER AFRICA. You know, like South and Central America. Got a pic of a Rhodesian Macho Picchu? Where are the 2000 year old buildings STILL in use, like Rome? Where are the cities that have existed for thousands of years, built upon the remains of their predecessors? (Other than Egypt, which is on the Mediterranean – nowhere near Central Africa) Perhaps you can show where in Rhodesia there existed even one of the historically described “Great Wonders of the World”, which you might expect to have been built by people who have continuously lived there for 72,000 years.

          • You’re obviously no familiar with the land of Kush and that in ancient times Egypt was referred to as the land of the black earth. Ever see a statue of Kufu? Ever been to the Nubian Museum in southern Egypt? I have! Did you know that all of the VERY ancient buildings of Kush were flooded, destroyed, in order to build the Aswan dam? You see the Arabs are uncomfortable and unaccepting of Egypt’s black heritage past as well. As a matter of fact, don’t take my word for it, go to the Egyptian Museum. As far as the ruins of Rhodesia, look to Europe. When the whites “discovered” them, they couldn’t believe that blacks built them and felt that an unknown white culture came through and built it! No only that, they treated all of the gold and fine artifacts like a buffet and that’s where you’ll find the evidence.
            But begin by checking out the depiction of “Negroids” in ancient Egypt. Start with the Sphinx, over 50,000 yrs old, when the desert was green! Ever seen it? I have, clearly a black man’s face. Undisputed! Oh, that’s right, a white man did the sculpture of a black man/sphinx. Do you guys ever quit? If building, etc., as evidence of the white man’s superiority all were build by people they enslaved…as usual!
            Your days over and it ain’t going to be pretty…must hurt, huh?
            Thanks for all of your superiority and the perfect state the world is in today! Oh, that’s right, it would be a much better place if all minorities would do what whites want, they’re so much better!

          • Oh I really like you. But yes, genetic drift is a concept you can’t quite grasp when you’re grabbing your crotch, listening to pig- killing monkey music.

          • Other than Clockwork Orange, I I don’t believe Beethoven combines with mayhem, nor have I ever felt the need to grab my crotch during Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.
            Projecting much?
            Genetic drift? You do understand the concept of breeding to fix traits, right? Well the traits of inquisitiveness, exploration and discovery lead those people AWAY from central Africa where, due to climate and environment, their physical looks changed accordingly.
            Meanwhile, the ones with little or no inquisitiveness (beyond food and sex), no interest in exploration or discovery, stayed behind and made these traits theirs.
            Sometimes a “realitycheck” can’t be cashed. Just sayin……..

        • I agree. I could assume no personal guilt for something that causes its alleged “sufferers” to continue to whine instead of taking personal responsibility for their own lives. This ” my pain is more important than yours” is reprehensible.
          In my years of meeting others, I have heard personal testimony that has struck me to my core for the Real bravery and courage of the teller. This entire BLM movement is a bunch of whining “$&?-ups who have to blame others for their personal shortcomings.


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