Blacks who think for themselves: woman schools white liberals; black men thank cops

by Dr. Eowyn

We tend to over generalize.

When we see some members of a particular group do something noxious, we often generalize from that to the entire group — that every member of that group is noxious.

But things in this world are never 100%. For example (from Pew Research Center):

  • Not all women are pro-abort “progressive” statists who look to and depend on big government. In fact, did you know that in the 2016 election, as many as 42% of women supported Donald Trump, while 41% of men actually favored Hillary Clinton?
  • And although the overwhelming majority (89%) of African-Americans supported Hillary, not all Blacks did — a small minority of 8% voted for Trump.

Below are three examples of black Americans who are not in lockstep with the radical agenda and behavior of the Black Lives Matter mob.

(1) Black woman in Seattle schools clueless white liberals:

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(2) In the midst of Floyd riots, a black man thanked police officers:

(3) At a Cracker Barrel in Pell City, Alabama on June 10, 2020, a black man paid for the meals of four white police officers to thank them for their service. Eye-witness Gary Gill (@iamgarrygill) tweeted this picture of the man:

Gill added:

He then thanked them for their public service and wished them a safe day on the job. Every officer stood up and thanked the man while shaking his hand. With all the craziness in the world right now, all the hatred and people being divisive.

It’s a good thing to see stuff like this. It’s also a good reminder that we are all human and not to ever judge anyone by their uniform or skin color. Edit: to say this was in Pell City, Alabama. Garrett Cotton on Facebook

It is noteworthy that I scoured the Internet for reports of the black man paying for the white cops’ meals, but I couldn’t find any. Instead, my searches produced only YouTube videos and links to news articles on how horrible white cops treat blacks.



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