Blackstone has raised $24B for its latest real estate fund (vulture funds getting ready to pounce as millions of f**ked borrowers get foreclosed on after Housing Bubble 2.0 implodes)

by Boo_Randy

Looks like the vulture funds, flush with oligarch cash and with access to unlimited Yellen Bux “stimulus” free money, are set to swoop down and once again hoover up millions of distressed houses after the Wall Street-Federal Reserve Looting Syndicate actuates the next Great Muppet Reaping, to include triggering a housing bubble bust as “homeowners” fall behind on their mortgage payments & get foreclosed on. You will own nothing, serfs, and you’ll rent your old house from Blackstone, BlackRock, etc on the WEF’s incorporated Neo-feudal plantation.

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Investor eyeing a record $30B haul

Blackstone says it’s close to finalizing one of the largest real estate investment funds in history.

The investment giant has raised $24.1 billion in the last three months for its latest opportunistic real estate fund, known as Blackstone Real Estate Partners X, it said in a regulatory filing Wednesday.


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