Blindly “Trusting The Experts” Is Exactly What Got Us Into This Mess In The First Place.

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by DefiantDragon

Experts only have your best interests at heart.

They’re good people who are only trying to look out for you and keep you safe.

Why would anyone not listen to experts??

My first real wakeup call to this bullshit was watching the documentary “Merchants of Doubt“.

Followed quickly by:

The Corporation.

Then I started reading.

The Fat vs Sugar debacle.

The Reproducibility Crisis that affects many “soft” sciences… including medicine

And the Fake Scientific Paper “Paper Mill” Crisis

Throw in the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

And the LIBOR scandal

And the Panama/Paradise papers

And what we’ve learned from GME (GameStop)

And what we’re learning about COVID

And it’s becoming absolutely fucking clear that the Experts we’ve been told to trust do not have our best interests at heart.

But we are not supposed to question them.

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We’re supposed to “Believe Experts” and “Trust the Science”.

But not those Experts. Not that Science.

And, yes, this shit is just the tip of the fucking iceberg.

In fact, our entire world runs on a layer of trust that has been and continues to be violated all the way up the chain.

And those who try to speak out or warn us are shamed or silenced or worse.

We know and accept that there are different laws for the wealthy.

We know and accept that Journalists have become Propagandists.

We know and accept that Politicians lie to our faces.

We know and accept that Scientists can be and are being bought.

We know and accept that corporations are psychopathic in nature.

We know and accept that good people get chased out so that Sociopaths and more can accumulate power for themselves.

We know and accept that our enemies know all of this, are funding a good chunk of it and are actively using our trust against us.

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We have been been asleep at the wheel and the people that we have trusted to run the world for us have let us down on a massive scale.

We know this is happening to us, we see it all around us and, very slowly, we are starting to realize the truth:

More and more the “Experts” are revealing themselves to be corrupt kleptocrats who have done more to get us into our current state of affairs than anyone.

And, slowly, we are waking up to that fact.

And that is why the elites are freaking the fuck out.

The moment we truly wake up, shit is well and truly going to hit the fan.



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