BLM co-founder who went on mansion-buying spree complains she’s the ‘fall guy’ over financial scandals

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Speaking to The Guardian, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, who went on a mansion-buying spree, claimed that she was the “fall guy” for the organization, “a movement,” she said, that is much bigger than her.

It was in May 2021 that Cullors stepped down as BLM’s executive director. The general public hadn’t heard much from her since then, especially after it was revealed that she spent $6.3 million for a Toronto mansion that formerly belonged to the Communist Party.

As far as explanations go, readers are led to believe that Cullors had enough personal success separate from BLM as an organization for personal lavishness.

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“You’re catching me at a place of deep, deep self-reflection,” she said, “but I look forward to many more years ahead where I can look back with more fondness. I think right now I have a lot of hurt and resentment and I feel like I’ve been treated as the fall guy for a movement that is much bigger than me. And some will say: ‘Well you let yourself be Time 100, you let yourself be in the forefront and you’re about to be on the cover of The Guardian – kinda comes with the territory.’ True.”

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