BLOOMBERG HOMEPAGE today: “ARGENTINE desperate for dollars”

2) POVERTY 50%
3) let´s say you you want to RUN AWAY from local currency. government won´t allow yout buy foreign currency ( US dollar) . only up to 200 U$S per month.
so people GET VERY FINANCIALLY creative. they go for bitcoin, American stocks or whatever to get US dollars.
4) A new libertarian party is taking over BUenos Aire as the third force. it is considered a libertarian icon in all latin AMerica. The leftists are scared since now they don´t control the youth anymore. Youth is libertarian now! first time in history!
5) lots of people are waking up to the ideas of capitalism and financial freedom the Rothbard way here.
6) if you wire money in here , they get your dollars and exchange them for argentinian pesos in the official currency. so you get fucked 80%. so you must enter money ilegally to make business or use bitcoin or be creative like buying and selling bonds internationally> >> this is the way companies move money overseas here LOL.
7) a president controlled by Soros. A famous youtuber called “Los liberales” warned in April 2020 that he was an agent of Soros and that he was about to do this
a) lockdowns for ever
b) promote legal abortion
c) massive devaluation
d) extreme pro LGBT agenda
e) legalize marihuana

So far
a) he had lockdowns almost for 2 years . it is considered one of the longest lockdowns of the world
b) abortion was approved here
c) massive devaluation and complete destruction of argentinian pesos. it is expedted a new crash again after elections
d) LGBT/ there has been some reports of sexualizing minors at schools or some agenda. I dont´ know but I am no expert here
but I have detected that everywhere media ask people “please be super gay, it´s the right thing to do. if you are straight you are toxic” global agenda clearly visible in all the media . and they will tell that to 5 year kids if they can. I don´t think it is right to impose LGBT content or tell them to be LGBT and program people to be LGBT. I dont´think that is right. my 2 cents
e) the president told public he want legal marihuana but nothing happened.

there are pics of Ministry of Education officials with agents of the Open Society Foundations ( THE NETWORK of NGOs Soros& rich guy use to cotnrol and manipulate countries)

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Argentina desperate for dollars

Article is about the mess of a COUNTRY RUNNING from its government but not being allowed to escape. You get creative.



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