Bloomberg Model 3 Tracker: Down to 3,486 / week

With all of the posts on Elon’s personality going on, I figure I might as well post something that’s actually relevant to TSLA the company itself.

Its hard to keep up with all the rumors behind the Model 3’s manufacturing rate. There’s been rumors about a SiC Mosfet shortage, large amount of rework needed, and things of that nature. Today, Elon removed two color options on the Model 3 (which should improve the production rate slightly).

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In any case, it seems like the 5k / week from July was an unsustainable figure… or maybe a “burst mode” figure at best. It may be a bit longer before the Model 3 actually sustains 5k/week production.

Or maybe not? There were a good 4 weeks of ~6000/week or ~5000/week production in July and August. So maybe this really is the SiC MOSFET issue coming up?


h/t dragontamer5788


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