BLOWBACK: Europe is in revolt against lockdown: Protests, riots and civil unrest have broken out across the continent. People are starting to reach a breaking point.

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Across Europe, Covid restrictions have changed life beyond recognition. From London to Ljubljana and most places in between, people have been shut up indoors and huge economic, educational and health sacrifices have been made.

But something is starting to stir among the people of Europe. There has been a wave of protests – and, in some cases, riots – across the continent. . . .

Polls suggest that less than 50 per cent of French people support ‘strict confinement measures’, while tens of thousands joined the recent marches against both pandemic rules and the security bill. Popular resistance to restrictions on freedom has become a threat the French government can no longer ignore.

In Brussels, police arrested over 200 people at an anti-lockdown protest at the weekend. ‘We remind you that there is no authorisation to come and demonstrate this Sunday’, tweeted the city police. In the age of Covid, public protest is only permitted with the approval of the state.

To paraphrase Barack Obama, don’t think people aren’t keeping score, bro.

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The heavyhandedness and ineffectual (and self-serving) response to Covid worldwide is the best argument against the establishment and in favor of liberty in my lifetime. Don’t let it pass unused.


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