BLUE WAVE? NRCC Cancels $1 Million In Ads In Vulnerable House Seat….  There Is Still Time To Help Save the Senate

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via dailycaller:

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has reportedly decided to cut at least $1 million in advertising that was going toward helping Rep. Kevin Yoder of Kansas as the GOP re-evaluates certain candidates’ chances of winning heading into November.

Yoder, who has served in Kansas’ 3rd congressional district since 2011, was endorsed by President Donald Trump and faces Sharice Davids in November’s election.

The NRCC’s decision to slash advertising for Yoder reportedly comes from the organization’s lack of confidence that Yoder can pull out a win against Davids, The Hill reports, who would become Kansas’ first Native American and openly gay nominee for Congress.

Republicans have cut funding and advertisements for several other races as well in recent months where it’s similarly unsure of their chances against Democrats amid a so-called “blue wave.”

Both the NRCC and the Congressional Leadership Fund have pulled ads from Reps. Keith Rothfus of Pennsylvania, Mike Coffman of Colorado and Mike Bishop of Michigan, the report states.

This would be an excellent time to find a vulnerable candidate to donate to, or better yet volunteer for their campaign.

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BLUE WAVE? There Is Still Time To Help Save the Senate:

Pretty much all observers expect the Democrats to capture the House in November. If they do, they will impeach President Trump. But the much more serious danger is that they may also take the Senate. If that happens, the Trump administration will be paralyzed. The Democrats likely will refuse to confirm a single significant appointment. I would not rule out the possibility of a constitutional crisis, if the Democrats try to bring the executive branch to a standstill by abusing its “advise and consent” power to insist that President Trump nominate Democrats to key posts in the administration and the judiciary. In the Democrats’ disgraceful obstruction of Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court, we have a preview of the insanity that will reign if they become a Senate majority.

Read the whole thing.

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