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It is no secret that President Trump and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have had a contentious relationship since Trump took office. For the last year, the FBI has been busy investigating the fake Russian collusion story that has torn the country apart but failed to indict Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing with her deleted emails. The left has been busy scurrying around trying to tie Trump’s presidential win to Russian interference but has failed every step of the way. With each passing day, new information is revealed that shows just how corrupt the FBI has become after years of being run under the Obama administration.

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FLASHBACK 2016 – Congressional Republicans Vote to Abolish F.B.I. – What would life be like now if someone would have listened two years ago? WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—In a stunning rebuke to one of the nation’s oldest and most established law-enforcement agencies, House Republicans voted unanimously on Tuesday to abolish the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Unlike most House measures, which come up for a vote only after months or even years of sluggish effort, the bill to eliminate the F.B.I. was drafted in a matter of minutes on Tuesday morning, Republican staffers confirmed.
House Speaker Paul Ryan offered no specific reason for the Republicans’ sudden frenzy of activity to abolish the F.B.I., but said that the Bureau represented “big government at its worst.”
“This is an agency that, when given even the simplest task to do, can’t manage to do it right,” he said.
Representative Trey Gowdy of South Carolina bemoaned the F.B.I.’s “bloated and wasteful”:…lish-f-b-i
Trey Gowdy TRIGGERS Elizabeth Warren! You Do Not Make the LAW! TREY GOWDY Smashes
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