Bonds Are In Big Trouble! Could THIS Be the Great Trillion Dollar Bond Market COLLAPSE?

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Are bonds ready to collapse? What’s your opinion on bonds from what you have seen since the Financial Crisis?

Financial analysts have been keeping an eye on bonds. Bonds have been expanding further and further despite giving a worse incentive to do so. Even the most risky areas of the world have been showing very little potential profit on bonds. That’s not normal and you know this is all caused by central bank intervention. So let’s take a look.
20171215_HY.jpg (1019×532)
20171215_eod4.jpg (1020×535)
20171215_eod1.jpg (1030×524)
20171215_eod2.jpg (1009×538)
JPMorgan: “This Is The Moment Everyone Went All In” | Zero Hedge
20171215_HY3.jpg (1019×1080)
20171215_basis.jpg (995×508)

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