BOOM! Destroying the Fake News Narrative that “The IG report is a nothing burger”

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The NYT’s & WaPo rushed out stories selling the narrative the forthcoming DOJ IG FISA report is going to be a big nothingburger based on the ***same anonymous sources who will never go on the record*** & put their faces & names behind their claims that sold RussiaGAte for 3 yrs.

These media outlets have almost FOUR YEARS invested in the narrative that Trump/Russia Collusion was real.

They have more than TWO YEARS invested in the narrative that SpyGate is a wacky conspiracy theory only bandied about by simpletons.

So ***OF COURSE*** these political activists disguised as journalists are going to go to the same anonymous sources that strung them along for 3+ years on RussiaGate for the ‘inside scoop’ on the FISA report.

Because it’s all about keeping their NARRATIVES alive.
RussiaGate GOOD
SpyGate BAD

Please tell me more, Mr. Anonymous Official Familiar With The Matter!

They will not make admissions until they are literally forced to do it.

And we’re not there yet.

Remember how these same reporters sat there in DC with their thumb up their asses waiting for all those COOL LEAKS from the Mueller Special Counsel that revealed that MUELLER WAS CLOSING IN ON TRUMP, Trump was in huge trouble, soon it would curtains for Trump, etc. etc.?

For more than TWO FULL YEARS this stupid game was played, one bombshell story after another about how MUELLER WAS FINDING IT ALL and Trump was sweating bullets and raging inside the White House, stumbling around in his bathrobe and chugging Diet Coke.

And it was all a FANTASY.

Do you know WHY today’s Fake News Media **insists** on anonymous, off-the-record sources for their ‘bombshell’ breaking news stories? Why they prefer anonymous leaks instead of on-the-record press conferences?

Here’s why:

The Dirty Secret That Explains Why Fake News Media Insists On Anonymous Sources – UncoverDC

[Link to OPed]

Anonymous sources never have to be replaced, upgraded or held accountable. No matter how many times a source gives you bad or false or wrong information, as long as you keep that source anonymous, nobody knows if you’re going back to this source for your future stories.

There’s a tacit agreement in place by all involved here that nobody is going to be burned or held accountable when these anti-Trump stories fall apart. The source knows he/she won’t be held accountable.

In many cases, not a single reporter or editor or anonymous source was held responsible for any of this fake news that has unfolded over the past three years as the “news media” has relentlessly driven this Trump/Russia narrative.

Now these same Fake News Media outlets and their anonymous sources are devoting themselves to trying to SPIN what’s about to happen:

Horowitz is about to prove TWO main things with this FISA report.

1. Trump/Russia was 100% fake
2. SpyGate is 100% real

These Fake News media idiots are at the point they are running BLATANTLY STUPID STORIES being fed to them by sources that are telling them easily provable lies.

Take the CNN story about Nunes meeting with Ukrainians in Vienna last year.

This is even dumber than the “Cohen in Prague!” stories that the Fake News Media kept running even ***after*** that claim was completely debunked.

Do they not realize how EASY a public figure like Nunes can prove his whereabouts at any time?

Parnas is claiming Shokin told him **personally** that he met with Nunes in Vienna last December.

Watch how quickly this blows up on both CNN & The Daily Beast.

Nunes is **suing** both outlets for running these claims.

How much ***effort and research*** did CNN reporter Vicky Ward & Daily Beast journalist Betsy Swann put into verifying these claims before running them?

I’m betting little to none.

I’ll also bet they did not talk to Nunes before running this, or Shokin.

Understand: Nunes is going to be able to PROVE he and Shokin never met in Vienna in December of 2018.

When he does, he’s not only going to force a very public retraction of these stories, he’s going to sue these outlets for millions.

Guess what the #1 Trend on Twitter is right now?


Remember: the media outlets know it’s a fake story. They’re running it to **launch and establish a viral narrative**.


h/t Inquire Within


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