BOOM – Drudge’s Historic Crash Hits Rock Bottom 40% DECLINE YOY

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Not even massive street riots, hordes of lawless vagrants burning cities throughout the United States and a dead-heat presidential election could help Matt Drudge’s spiraling news site in August.

The fall has been dramatic and historic, but also one predicted in mid 2019 by Thomas Paine.

Web numbers for the country’s biggest Joe Biden cheerleader  just got worse for Matt Drudge’s spiraling news site.

Drudge’s monthly traffic in August was 63 million readers, according to analytics, down from 66 million in May. The spiral continues. In September 2019 Drudge was pulling close to 95 million readers and well over 100 million in August 2019, one year ago.

That’s roughly a 40 percent decline in clicks/traffic in a year, marking Drudge’s lowest volume of web visitors literally in decades.


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