Boom! Europe threatens Qatar over depraved LGBT ‘rights’. Qatar threatens to cease all gas shipments to Europe

Qatar threatens gas withdrawal from Europeans

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Germany and other EU countries want to replace Russian energy with deliveries from Qatar. But the minister of the emirate says openly that his gas could end up somewhere else.

The European plans for a gas price cap are “hypocritical,” said Saad al-Kaabi, Qatar ‘s energy minister , in an interview with Bloomberg. Among other things, »t-online« reported on this .

Interventions in the markets would counteract the competition rules and jeopardize investments in gas production. “The free market is always the best solution,” al-Kaabi said.

“The problem is the price that countries or companies are willing to pay.” Competing importers could then tap deliveries that were actually intended for Europe because they could offer more.

Al-Kaabi believes that problems with gas supplies to Europe could persist until 2025.



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