BOOM! Trump Pulls Funding From Another Hell-Hole Country

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The Western Journal reports, Donald Trump just doubled down on his personal (and occasionally public) policy of denying foreign aid to countries that are bad actors, either regarding their own people or their relationship with the U.S. Today the White House revealed that the president has pulled millions in aid to Cambodia.
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12 thoughts on “BOOM! Trump Pulls Funding From Another Hell-Hole Country

  1. Yet he continues to give the terrorist Ashkenazim masquerading as Israel money and military against America’s wishes.
    trump’s a synagogue of satan chabad cult puppet who lied profusely to America to get elected. If you don’t think so…
    “The Jewish Cult Behind Illuminati/NWO
    December 18, 2017…
    These Cabalist Jews are organized in a sect called Chabad which controls Donald Trump through his membership in Freemasonry and his son-in-law Jared Kushner…
    Chabad Lubavitch is a nasty Jewish supremicist cult that serves the Illuminati. Despite only having 200,000 followers, it has intimate ties to nearly every powerful government leader on earth.”
    You’ve been red pilled.

  2. Like Ron Paul said, stop ALL foreign aid. We need the money here. That “foreign aid” is used to grease palms anyway. First and foremost, stop any aid to israel .

  3. If any country is entitled to US reparations (aid is the wrong word) it is Cambodia, which was illegally carpet bombed and basically destroyed at the instigation of Henry Kissinger.

  4. donald Duck takes the money away from the countries that US of Terror Destroyed just to Give it to israHELL ( the only CoUNTry who BOMBED and KILLED americans ) and to his Zionists friends and relatives . . . . . . Go donald Duck Go , Make israHELL Great as you did promised . . .

  5. Why is poor little Cambodia a target ? Did they get too friendly with China ?
    This policy will surely bring that about.

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