Boris Johnson wants ‘cautious but irreversible’ progress on lifting lockdown

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Breaking now UK. Case figures lowest since early October despite more than double the number of tests, hopefully the green shoots of a Covid spring that will see us out of this nightmare. He’s under real pressure from his MPs over this.

Boris Johnson has said his plan for lifting England’s coronavirus lockdown is for there to be “cautious but irreversible” progress in easing restrictions.

“We’ve got to be very prudent and what we want to see is progress that is cautious but irreversible,” the prime minister said on his plan for easing COVID-19 measures.

“I think that’s what the public and people up and down the country will want to see. Progress that is cautious but irreversible.”

The PM is expected to announce a roadmap out of lockdown on 22 February – and he said the plan would include the earliest possible dates for reopening the economy.


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