Boston-Area Mayor Launches Boycott of Sam Adams, One of His Area’s Biggest Employers and Brands, Because the Owner Said Positive Things About the Trump Tax Cuts

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It may be beer-time somewhere, but you won’t see one Boston-area mayor sipping on a Massachusetts staple anytime soon.

The mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts, Joseph Curtatone, is boycotting Sam Adams after co-founder Jim Koch praised President Trump’s tax cut plan at a dinner in New Jersey last week, saying it allows his Boston Beer Company to compete with foreign breweries.

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Apparently that was enough for Curtatone to abstain from sipping a brew from one of America’s largest microbrewers. Curtone tweeted on Sunday that he “will never drink Sam Adam’s beer again!”

The mayor also tweeted that “We need to hold these complicit profiteers of Trump’s white nationalist agenda accountable,” and asked Koch whether he brought up immigration policy.

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