BRACE FOR IT: Uncle Sam Has To Stop The Free Cash Handouts Right Now! America Is Turning Into A Nation Of All Shoppers, No Workers!

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via silverdoctors:

Imported live unicorns (real) and nonfungible tokenized rainbows (digital) are what’s hot, so gimme the stimmy, and Mr. Whipper Snapper, take that low-paying potential job and shove it!

(by Half Dollar) I was right about the Deep State Globalist in Patriot’s Clothing, but nobody wanted to hear it, so instead of getting any thanks, not that I expected any, of course, nor did I arguably deserve any for simply pointing out the obvious, all I got was not a T-shirt, but rather, a big heaping scoop of hate served with a side of cognitive dissonance, and some madness sprinkled on top.

And as usual, or typical, or whatever, since I can’t really help it whenever I’m at an all-you-can-eat buffet, once again I find myself pointing out the obvious, and once again, the same old rotten leftovers and reheated garbage are the only things coming out of the kitchen.

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Oh well.

Good thing I can stomach it.

Meanwhile, America is quickly turning into a nation of all shoppers and no workers, and as I sit in our budding Third World Nation, soon to be renamed The United States of Bananica, and then to become a Failed State, I’m coming to the realization that nobody really cares about what’s good for the US anymore.

You see, in the markets and in the economy, all around America, and certainly in Washington, on Wall Street, and to a lesser extent, now, finally, on Main Street, it’s all about me, me, me and me, so don’t you dare get in between me and what’s mine.

As such, and in part, the lack of interest in learning the only way to end the manipulation and price suppression of silver is rather telling:

Nobody wants to hear it, again, and the stress of trying to help people understand isn’t even really all that worth it.

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There are far too many Brainwashed Masses, False Patriots, Phonies, Pseudo-Contrarians, Sleazy Opportunists, Sheeple and Walmart Zombies in this country, and attempting to get through to the few remaining Thinking People is futile at best at this point, and normally I’d take those odds, because I usually come out on top, but today I’m just not feeling it.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, you really need to go look at that group again since you don’t get it man, because that group has NOTHING to do with pumping the miners, so go hang your head in shame somewhere else as you were totally wrong and you absolutely missed the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon you freakin’ loser!”.




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