Brendan Carr: We Have the Technology to Break Cuba Internet Blockade; We Need the Political Will

Brendan Carr, senior Republican commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), told Breitbart News Sunday host Joel Pollak that U.S. firms can provide Internet access to Cuba and circumvent the digital blockade imposed on the one-party island state.

“We have the technical capability to circumvent that Internet blockade [in Cuba], and there’s two ways we can do it,” Carr told Pollak. “One, we can introduce new Internet connections and services from off-island that can connect directly to the smartphones of the people that are right there in Cuba. That’s path one.”

He continued, “Path two is we need to further bolster the technology that allows Cubans to circumvent the blockade on their own infrastructure. So we need to do both of those, and we can do both of those. It’s simply a question of ‘Do we have the political will in the Biden administration to give the green light that’s necessary for American enterprises to engage in those activities?’”

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“The only actual question that matters is [related to] political will,” he emphasized. “Do we have the political will to do this? If we do, then the technological issue is not in the way.”

He maintained, “There is the technical capacity to do this. This is not a theoretical thing that I’m making up. I’ve been to the manufacturing facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, that makes these high altitude platforms.”


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