BREXIT BUST: ‘Chlorinated chicken,’ ‘big girl’s blouse’ — Boris taunts Corbyn on election… UK Super-Rich Prepare to Flee

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“Chlorinated chicken” and a “big girl’s blouse” – UK PM Johnson taunts Corbyn on election

LONDON, Sept 4 (Reuters) – A “chlorinated chicken” and a “big girl’s blouse” – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson kicked off his first questions in parliament by goading opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for not backing a new general election.

At Prime Minister’s Questions, a parliamentary session when lawmakers get to quiz the British leader every Wednesday, Johnson used some choice language to attack Labour and try to rally his Conservatives after a bruising night on Tuesday.

After losing a vote on his Brexit plans late on Tuesday, Johnson was keen to get on the front foot by accusing Corbyn of supporting a policy of “dither and delay” over Brexit but also of running scared of his call for an early election on Oct. 15.

U.K.’s Super-Rich Prepare to Flee From Corbyn Rule, Not Brexit

(Bloomberg) — No-deal Brexit? That’s no problem, at least for Britain’s wealthiest people. Their bigger fear is leftist firebrand Jeremy Corbyn. For more than a year, some of the most affluent have prepared for a hard separation from the European Union, making clear they can take a chaotic Brexit in their stride. But the prospect of a victory by Corbyn’s Labour Party is turning out to be the…


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