Brexit Theory: They’re doing it badly on purpose

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by jameilious

Brexit has been a real omnishambles from day 1, only happening after a gambit from David Cameron failed horribly.

I have a theory that it’s on purpose.

Very few politicians want brexit so why not ruin it so that in a second referendum will get a resounding remain vote?

But where this gets interesting is the negotiations. What if May sat down with Juncker, Tusk et al. on day 1 and simply said “play along and we’ll remain”.

The offer is made to be bad for Britain. Both sides then draw exaggerated red lines and emphasize the Irish border as a dealbreaker with very little room for a solution. This makes it so the British public thinks she can’t negotiate for toffee and that leaving would be a clusterfuck. In reality she could be doing an absolute genius move.

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The Labour party has also been very quiet the whole time, this could also be part of it. Consipiracies can only work with very few in the know so maybe just Jeremy Corbyn? Clearly no one would ever tell Diane Abbot as she’d probably blurt it out on “Good Morning Britain” by mistake.

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If we get a second referendum and vote to remain I’ll always be pretty sceptical about what happened behind closed doors.

My position on Brexit: I’m neither remain or leave, I’ve always been fascinated by the debate but I’m pretty ambivalent when it comes to the outcome. I would have possibly voted leave if I was in the country at the time, but only because it is the more interesting option.


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