Brian Stelter Ignores Mob Attack on CNN News Crew to Protect Phony “Peaceful Protest” Narrative

CNN ignored a mob attack on their news crew Wednesday night during demonstrations in Minnesota while promoting a “peaceful” narrative.

As protests and violence erupted in Brooklyn Center, Minn. following the fatal police shooting of Daunte Wright, a CNN news crew was attacked by demonstrators who are often labeled by the news outlet as “peaceful.”

A CNN crew member was hit in the head by an alleged frozen water bottle and the crew was violently chased away by protestors. The mob continued to throw objects at the crew’s car as they attempted to drive away.

Reporter Andy Ngo captured the attack on video and it quickly went viral on Twitter.

CNN Director Admits to Protecting Black Lives Matter’s Narrative, Frustrated Over Their Actions

The Project Veritas undercover sting of CNN technical Director Charlie Chester continues into its third day, this time focusing on CNN’s involvement in protecting Black Lives Matter.

The first videos can be seen by clicking on the links below.

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In the newest video, Chester admits to researching Asian hate and the attacks they’ve endured recently, but found that it was primarily black men who were assaulting them.

“A bunch of black men that have been attacking Asians,” he said. “I’m like, ‘What are you doing?’”

“Like, we’re (CNN) trying to like…help…like with the BLM and you’re going to…like, I mean, it’s individuals, it’s not a people, you know? That’s not good. The optics of that are not good.”

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Following bombshell CNN revelations, Twitter bans James O’Keefe [Updated with O’Keefe lawsuit plans]

Liz Cheney Was A Primary Culprit Of Spreading Fake News On Russian Bounties To Undermine Trump

U.S. intelligence agencies debunked on Thursday what was treated as blockbuster election-year reporting last summer of an anonymously sourced story in The New York Times claiming the Kremlin placed bounties on American troops in Afghanistan.

President Donald Trump, went the tale, deliberately downplayed the aggression to appease Russia and accelerate the timeline to withdraw U.S. forces. Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, currently number three in House leadership, was a primary purveyor of the fake news.

“The United States intelligence community assesses with low to moderate confidence that Russian intelligence officers sought to encourage Taliban attacks on U.S. and coalition personnel in Afghanistan in 2019 and perhaps earlier,” a senior administration official said, according to the readout of a call with reporters in the Daily Beast.

CBS splices gun in Adam Toledo’s hand out of police shooting video
Mainstream media is utter garbage. That’s it. That’s the message.

The entire purpose of a free press is to allow the truth to come out. In modern day America, mainstream media works against this notion and proactively works to subvert the truth with their reporting. In the case of CBS News coverage of the police shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo, the dishonesty on their part is striking.

They intentionally edited out the part of the video that shows a gun in Toledo’s hand just prior to being shot. We know it was intentional because the rest of the video edit kept Toledo in best view, but the split second in which the gun can be seen, they conveniently pulled the edit to the left to keep him hidden before panning back to show him getting shot.



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