Britain is facing a pie crisis as foil tins run low

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Quote:Britain is now facing a pie crisis amid a ‘perfect storm’ of foil tins running low due to rising global aluminium prices, ongoing labour shortages and inflation.

The British Pie Association is urging pie makers to re-use the foil tins rather than throw them away to tackle the shortages.

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The issue stems from surging aluminium prices, which have risen by 50% to reach a 10 year high, and shortages in China, the world’s biggest producer of the metal.

There has also been increased demand for aluminium, supply chain bottlenecks due to the pandemic, and inflation, which have all added to ‘challenges’ in the foil industry.

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But Isaac Fisher, the General Manager at Pukka Pies, has insisted that they will continue to ‘feed the nation’ despite the brewing pie crisis.

There are also concerns that mince pies may be hit by the shortages before Christmas.…g-low.html




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