Britain to Impose COVID Passports

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by Martin Armstrong

Honestly, I am at a loss for how the British politicians are standing by and allowing Boris Johnson to singlehandedly destroy their economy and their future without so much as a whimper from Parliament. Britain has lost all sense of decency and is dangerously marching down the path of tyranny not witnessed since Edward Long Shanks of the 14th century. Johnson wants COVID Passports for a disease no worse than the flu insofar as the death rate. Most people who test positive do not even have any symptoms.

Boris Johnson’s love-fest with Bill Gates is because their fathers were both at the Rockefeller Foundation and supported eugenics. This is such a conflict of interest that if he were a judge in court he would be compelled to recuse himself as a matter of law, honor, and ethics.


The first one-pound coin was minted in 1489. Cyclically, the British pound will probably come to an end between 2029 and 2032. What Boris has done to the British economy is startling, to say the least. He is deliberately trying to crush it to Build Back Better.

We can see that even technically, the British pound must rally above the 150 level and close up there by the end of 2121 to raise any hope of prolonging its demise.

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