British MEP: “I’m convinced we are seeing The Great Replacement”

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Independent MEP Janice Atkinson has become the latest high-profile public figure to speak out about “The Great Replacement” which argues that native Brits and Europeans are being systematically replaced through mass, uncontrolled immigration.

Writing about an English Heritage training programme excluding white people, she says that when she first read about the theory she thought it was an “over reaction” but has recently changed her mind and is now “absolutely convinced” that The Great Replacement is a concerted effort by globalist elites to replace the indigenous population; using uncontrolled, mass immigration from largely Muslim-majority countries in order to exploit low birth rates across the continent.

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She joins a growing list of high-profile figures to break ranks and endorse the controversial viewpoint.. Mayor of Beziers, Robert Menard, has backed the notion and columnist Katie Hopkins also recently said she agreed, adding “it isn’t a myth – it’s happening right now, systematically”…

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In 1800, Europe had 20 percent of the world’s population. Today it has 9 percent. Unless the increasing demographic imbalance is radically corrected, it will have 4 percent in 2075. … Bangladesh, a miasma of poverty and ignorance, now produces more babies annually than all Western Europe..



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