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One of the gravest problems of our generation is the global? ?misallocation? ?of? ?capital. Currently, out of $100 trillion of global investible capital, only 1.4% is spent a year on facilitating innovation that is meant to improve the society’s overall efficiency and future quality of life. That problem is in turn caused by the global misallocation? ?of? ?attention, where information is arranged in a way that people can no longer know what the most important things to invest resources in are and why. Even Google who “organizes world’s information” has not addressed this problem. While these misallocations put our future in danger, only a handful of top minds such as Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, have voiced and taken action.
DropDeck is an intelligent, decentralized, incentivized cross-border funding platform for startups& SMEs worldwide. Our mission is to channel resources into innovation, namely innovative companies around the world, to improve everyone’s future quality of life.
As part of Top 146 of IBM Watson AI XPRIZE, DropDeck is the first to complement A.I. applications with blockchain features to improve the integrity and quality of scoring and ranking the fundraising companies – a win-win for all Bitcoin owners.
Our? is to address the more direct problem – misallocation of capital – by accelerating capital? ?flow? ?into? ?innovation?, or namely? ?guiding more capital to the most innovative and thriving companies, instead of less efficient ones and zero-sum trades.
A perfect platform does not do everything (evaluate people, evaluate a company, make a legal arrangement, etc.) but it uses its tokens and smart contracts to delegate everything to the public and incentivizes the public to collaborate and do their best.
Getting up close and personal with DropDeck
DropDeck is designed to help funders (for fundraising companies on DropDeck) minimize risks and maximize return. DDD token is certified as not a security.
As DropDeck incentivizes the ecosystem to reward the funders, it creates a positive feedback loop of values between funders and fundraising companies, encouraging funders to repeat funding and attract more and more funders. As the size of the ecosystem increases, the value of DDD tokens rises over time.
Decentralized DropDeck(DDD) funders use tokens to make funding and reward participants who support the funding process. Since DDD’s value reflect the success of the funding activities on DropDeck, all participants in the ecosystem are incentivize to do their best.
More and more companies are making coin offerings, of which many operate overseas. Doing due diligence on them and verifying sources can be challenging. Some platforms rate and rank these companies, but how the ratings are made, what they are based on, and by whom is often a mystery. The funding process and exiting mechanism are often neither safe nor rewarding enough to funders. Not just coin offering platforms, but funding platforms in general (for start-up investment and SME lending) suffer from the same deficiencies. DropDeck seeks to fix this problem.

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