Businesses reopening in Ohio due to a massive amount of phone calls to local health departments

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Not sure if some you guys remember but my mother, who owns a dog grooming business told Dewine to pound salt and that she was going to reopen anyways. She is almost out of money and still has to receive her trump check.

So she opened up on the 1st and within 4 hours, someone called and snitched. Local health department showed up and of course my mom stood her ground and wanted to know the laws that say she is to be closed down. Of course the woman couldnt site such a law as they simply do not exist.

The woman told my mother that she would not be back out if she opened the next day and that they would send the cops. Mom being mom didn’t want the hassle of dealing with all the bullshit so she shutdown the next day.

Well she had to call all her customers and tell them what happened and reschedule their appointments and one of her customers said “ive had enough of this crap, im calling the health department to complain”. Well needless to say, this sparked a wild fire within my mothers customers base and there wound up being 29 people that called.

Guess who called yesterday and wound up hand delivering the official document that she could reopen? Local health department. What did they say? She told my mother she could go ahead and reopen and that eventually they stopped answering the phone because they knew it was about my moms grooming business.

WE THE PEOPLE WIN AGAIN! Business reopened and possibly saved from economic doom and to top it all off, the woman literally said, we wasn’t going to allow you to reopen but we simply could not handle all the calls so we decided it was best to let you open!

Someone PINE this please, this is great news and it may help some of our fellow business owners get their business reopened through all this bullshit!


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