BuzzFeed Selling “Failing Pile of Garbage” Merchandise After Trump’s Diss

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by Amna El Tawil
During the press conference yesterday, the President-elect Donald Trump, slammed CNN and Buzzfeed for reporting fake news. As a reminder, the news broke out yesterday that Kremlin is in possession of files about Mr. Trump’s private life and finances.
Speaking at the press conference, the incoming president of the United States he described BuzzFeed as a failing news organization. He stated: “As far as Buzzfeed which is a failing pile of garbage writing it, I think they’re going to suffer the consequences, and they already are.”

Also, he refused to take any question from BuzzFeed and CNN representatives at the conference, branding them “fake news”.
After the “failing pile of garbage” comment, BuzzFeed decided to take the tense relationship with Donald Trump to a whole new level by selling merchandise with that quote. There are several items in their official store including T-shirt, garbage can, bumper stickers, and so on.

(Photo credit: Screenshot/BuzzFeed shop)

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4 thoughts on “BuzzFeed Selling “Failing Pile of Garbage” Merchandise After Trump’s Diss

  1. Buzzfeed proud to be maggots in a garbage pile..just like Feminsts proud to all themselves “Nasty Bitches” and have slut walks to show of their true nature…..Western society has fallen of the suicide cliff.

  2. Note. The modern marxist ideology states – we cannot ever be wrong, so we will never change. They consider people like us to be uneducated and irredeemable. Let them have their fun – realizing that in the Trump era, every day they wake up is a bad day.

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