C-Virus/Bird Flu/ Earthquake – CHINESE COMMUNISTS HAVE LOST THE ‘MANDATE OF HEAVEN’ (if they ever had it)

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There have been forty-nine dynasties in Chinese history. Their average “age” has been just 70 years.

The dynasty of Mao Tse Tung and his revolutionaries has reached this age as well, when dynasties are generally at their end – and Mao’s mandate appears to have been revoked.

“Mandate of Heaven” is a concept originating in the Zhou Dynasty from before 1000 B.C. which determines whether the emperor is sufficiently virtuous to rule, and 70 years of brutal communist rule have not yet removed that religious concept from the psyche of the Chinese people.

The four pillars of the Mandate of Heaven demand that if the Emperor fails to fulfil his obligations to the people, then his Mandate and right to be ruler is over.

“Heaven” sends signs when the ruler’s day is done, and it is clear today that it is time for the 50th dynasty to begin.

Disasters of nature such as floods, drought, famine and disease are signs that the Ruling Dynasty has lost Heaven’s Mandate to rule, and those happenings justify the people’s right to rebel against them under the four principles of the Mandate.

In centuries past, these signs from Heaven led to uprisings – 49 times in Chinese history – and a new Ruling Dynasty came to power, often from within the ranks of those who rebelled.

There are many signs the Communist Dynasty’s Mandate is lost – a new deadly disease being simply the latest and perhaps worst.

This new version of coronavirus exceeds the contagion rate of any disease in modern times, including the Spanish flu of 1918 that killed tens of millions. At a contagion rate of 2.6-4 persons per infected, the nation and its people are in for a difficult time.

And so is the dynasty of Mao. His days are done.

Animal diseases (zoonoses) that jump to humans like coronavirus can be the deadliest

MERS, ebola, anthrax, HIV, diptheria, bubonic plague – and the worst, smallpox – all started this way it is now known from DNA and RNA sequencing.

Smallpox was delivered inadvertently to my Native American ancestors by Hernando de Soto in 1539 via his swine and men. It is estimated that this disease reduced their population by 92% over the following decades as it swept throughout the North & South American continents.

Coronavirus epidemic destroys mandate from heaven

Not only Wuhan now—15 other cities with 56 million people were quarantined as of Sunday and its spread has ‘accelerated’ today per Xi Xinping

We now have a very deadly animal disease that has made the transition to humans – in Communist China.

Have Xi and the Communists lost their Mandate?

Under the Mandate of Heaven’s construction, the answer is very clear that the Communist party’s day is done.

2019 was the worst economically in the party’s 70-year rule–defeated by a common capitalist who builds golf courses and hotels for a living.

The streets of Hong Kong are ablaze with revolt, filled by young students waving American flags – seeking freedom from the party’s oppression.

The people of Taiwan delivered a stunning body blow to the One China proponents. They sought more freedom as well and put to rest any thought of rejoining the mainland without a fight.

Coronavirus, in less than one week – supposedly starting from snakes and bats in the ‘wet’ (live animal) market in Wuhan (or perhaps more likely, the Communist Party’s biological weapons lab in Wuhan)– has stopped life as it is known in mainland China and already spread to the United States and Europe – which will result in China’s isolation within days.

To point, even Mongolia shut its borders with China this morning–another humiliation.

Now, the authorities are literally digging up the highways to stop the outflow of people from these affected regions – 56 million of them as of Sunday, and almost double that today.

But again–no one knows for sure, as the Communist regime protects itself in shrouds of secrecy, with little or no concern for its people.




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