CA Arbitrarily Cuts Power At 3AM To Sleeping Guy On Oxygen, He Dies. Gov Newsome Says Someone Should Be Held Accountable.

  • The fire department received a call from Pollock Pines, California, around 3.30am on Wednesday
  • Crews arrived at the scene and found 67-year-old Robert Mardis Sr. unresponsive 
  • It was determined that he was dependent on oxygen and died just 12 minutes after Pacific Gas and Electric shut down power
  • Although the cause of death has not formally been confirmed by officials, Mardis Sr.’s daughter believes the power shut down played a role 
  • PG&E spokesman Jeff Smith said it has not been able to confirm the accuracy of the report 
  • The power outage was part of a safety plan to prevent wildfires in the area
  • Two people have died from the wildfires: a man in his late 50s from cardiac arrest and Lois Arvickson, 89, after a fire swept through her mobile home park

A Northern California man dependent on oxygen died just 12 minutes after Pacific Gas and Electric shut down power to the area as part of an effort to prevent fires.

El Dorado County Fire Chief Lloyd Ogan said on Friday that a call was placed to the fire department from Pollock Pines after 3.30am on Wednesday.

Crews arrived at the scene and found Robert Mardis Sr., 67,  unresponsive and were unable to revive him, according to the Mountain Democrat.

Ogan said the man’s oxygen equipment required power, but could not say whether the shutdown was related to his death.


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