CA: They’re going to force people to be vaccinated to go to a hospital

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by Anonymous

You know how stupid sh*t start from CA eventually get followed by other places (like recently Nasdaq requiring diversity in public company boards), well guess what now.

Someone brought to my attention that CA has a new health order that will take effect very soon requiring hospital visitors either to be vaccinated or show a negative covid test. Did some research and turns out this stupid order is true despite covid proven to spread from vaccinated people.

By “visitor” it also means PARENTS and CAREGIVERS, and hospital also means ordinary procedures; inpatient outpatient, doesn’t matter. Apparently this isn’t getting much media attention which got *my* attention.

Here’s one hospital:

Note the bottom: “including parents and caregivers who accompany patients for scheduled hospital procedures”

Whose going to take care of your kid if they need a procedure and you don’t have a recent covid test, or if the test is inaccurate, or don’t want to get a stick shoved up your nose, don’t want your dna collected, etc. How can any of this sh*t be legal?

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This is how it starts, first it’s “visitors”, then it will eventually require patients to be vaccinated. They roll this sh*t out in stages. Won’t be surprised people forced to get the shot on the spot to get any care or denied medical insurance in the future.

A good portion of society are too dumb to recognize what is happening around them or too scared to object. We’ll never return to normal after they invest so much effort into this nightmare unless it’s stopped now.

Let people in CA know what’s going on as sh*t like this needs to stop there and not influence the craziness elsewhere. Government has shifted the tyranny onto businesses and medical establishment to enforce mandates that would otherwise be illegal. I’m personally terrified getting the vaccine due to some conditions and seeing all the sh*tshow doesn’t boost confidence.

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