Cable News Ratings Feb 12. CNN is in the TOILET! Can't even get a Million viewers for any of their shows. Fox News smashing in Primetime.

Good chunk of that viewership are white noise tv’s like at the airport.
In the last two minutes of Tucker last night he explained how CNN pays to be on in airports. They provide TV’s, service for the televisions, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in some “package” to be broadcast to everyone in airports across the country.
I wonder why Fox doesn’t just outbid them and get the channel changed?
I think it’s hilarious that the only way CNN can spew its propaganda unchallenged is by paying for it, like hiring a hooker. And how their only ‘loyal’ audience is a captive audience, sitting around waiting to board their flights. And hell, that’s not even true anymore. Go to any airport and everyone’s staring at their phones these days. For the most part, the television sets go unwatched.

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BREAKING: CNN Pays Viewers To Watch, How Much Would You Need To Be Paid?
Alex Jones presents a video clip from Fox’s Tucker Carlson program where he calls out CNN for paying airports, bus stations, and other public places to air their news above any other source.
h/t Jake