California city is installing water flow restrictors in customers’ homes

For the biggest water users among its 75,000 customers, the agency has begun installing devices that limit flow inside homes and completely cut it off from the outdoors. Since new restrictions went into place June 1, the agency has installed 56 of the flow restrictors, which are stainless steel discs 1 inch in diameter fitted to water meters. The discs have a tiny hole the size of 1/16th of an inch and that’s where the water trickles through, meaning low-flow showers and less effective appliances.

Only seven of the 56 installed restrictors remain in place because residents made the necessary changes for them to be removed, said Las Virgenes spokesman Mike McNutt, adding that once the devices are installed, they’re left in place a minimum of two weeks.

Another 1,600 customers are on the list to get flow restrictors but the agency only has the capability to install 20 a week, McNutt said.

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Not sure how they’re getting any water through that tiny hole!!

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