California Fissure: Ground Suddenly Dropping During Earthquakes – An Important Physicist View

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By Dr. Claudia Albers Ph.D.
Physicist, Investigator and Author

Dr. Claudia Albers, Planet X Researcher
Figure 1 below shows a screenshot from a video of a fissure, which formed in the desert, during the recent earthquakes, which started in the Ridgecrest area and included a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. The ground is clearly lower on one side of the fissure and is also consistently lower on the same side of the fissure, which goes on for many miles. The cracks or smaller fissures on the ground close to the main fissure clearly show that a dropping ground on one side was the main movement that led to the formation of this fissure.

Figure 1. Screenshot from a video of the fissure, which formed during the recent large number of earthquakes in California, close to the Ridgecrest region and most likely during the 7.1 magnitude earthquake which occurred on June 5th 2019 (Source: YouTube Video by KTLA5, 6 June 2019: Fissure Visible in Desert After Earthquakes in Southern California) [1]. Cracks on the left side of the fissure show the same dropping gradient, toward the bottom, left of the screenshot, but not as dramatic as at the fissure itself.

Since there is clear evidence that the California coast is dropping and that the Pacific Ocean close to the California coast is dropping, this movement of the ground is consistent with that evidence and also shows that the ground can suddenly drop during earthquakes (see Article 970: California is sinking and sliding into the ocean; the groundwater lie) [2].

Figure 2. Left: Geoid representation of the earth’s gravitational field, it does not show true elevation from the center of the earth, but the strength of the gravitational field, the blue regions have a lower gravitational field and are tending to sink and will thus tend to sink dramatically during cataclysmic changes due to Planet X connecting to the earth’s core. Right: An actual relief globe map of the earth where we can see that the difference in elevation between the ocean floor and the landmasses is minute, so the geoid representation does not show the earth’s actual shape. The blue spheres represent: ocean water, fresh water and water available to plants (see Article 993: During a Pole Shift: India, California and Central Africa likely to sink) [3].

Other half of this important article (and many more of her geological studies) located here:


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