California has 9 extra electoral votes due to illegal aliens. This disenfranchises all of South Carolina, or Alabama, or Montana + Wyoming + North Dakota, or Colorado. Entire States are cancelled out by illegal aliens, even if they don't vote (they do).

I didn’t realize this until now!! Literally they want to keep their illegal voters! “The apportionment calculation is based on the total resident population (citizen and noncitizen) of the 50 states. ”
Even if they don’t vote, they cancel out millions of citizens and change outcomes in Congress. Harder to pass things because you have to make up for 9 extra dimocrats in seats they do not deserve. Add in illegals actually voting and that cancels out possibly millions more American Citizen votes. It’s outrageous.
Simple search. There were lots of articles about how illegals would win the election for Hillary without even voting because of this. It isn’t just California, it is many States. Any State with a large number of illegals is getting extra seats in the House and extra electoral votes, which are taken away from other States. Libtards were bragging about illegals winning the White House for Hillary. Here is the link to one of those stories, and since illegals started getting counted towards House seats, this is common sense. No wonder dims fight so hard for criminals and to stop the wall etc…
Here are a couple of stories about it. This and looking at census data and how Cali’s population growth is mostly from illegal immigration, boom. It’s probably even worse than this.

h/t blache13